What CYO is all about.

We live in a mixed up world, where there is much good, plenty of bad and a whole lot of confusing stuff in between.

Keeping ones bearings requires a compass. CYO's goal is to be that compass, guiding teens toward authentic love for Christ, His Church and the Sacraments. Teaching values and ideals centered in Truth. Through sharing, singing, praying, laughing, crying and serving, teens learn these truths. Then, guided by Christ's love, they can find the strength and Grace to live in this life.

Our journey together is just the beginning of their life-long journey towards Christ.

Regardless of what teens do or where they go, their Catholic faith will help them be a person others are happy to know. Their faith will bring them more joy in life than they would otherwise have, and when teens feel that joy they will know God is who they need to thank. It won't save them from trials or suffering, but it will help them to rely on God for the strength only HE can give.

CYO will help teens to LIVE YOUR CATHOLIC FAITH with passion and conviction. Ultimately finding THE REASON FOR THE FAITH THAT IS IN THEM.

SCYO - Grades 9-12

What does SCYO do?

All activities are focused on deepening your relationship with Christ, the church and Her teachings on faith as well as moral and social issues we encounter in the world today. Through innovative teaching approaches, prayer and small group activities teens learn what it means to live out their Catholic faith in day to day life.

  • Sunday Nights: Dinner with friends, opportunity for fellowship, worship and community building with Catholic Students your age.
  • Wednesday Nights: Small group “Huddles” for guys and girls and combined group Bible Study. Each offers more opportunity for smaller group interaction and faith building on a deeper more personal level.
  • Service Projects- East Alabama Food Bank “backpack program,” Habitat for Humanity, Christmas visit to Oak Park Assisted Living, Joy in a Box.
  • Retreats and Trips –Archdiocese March for Life, Archdiocese Youth Conference, Opportunities for individual trips for students and their parents.


  • When do they meet?
    After the 5pm mass each Sunday from 6:00pm-8:00pm unless otherwise noted. Wednesday nights from 6pm-7pm for small group Huddles and 7pm-8pm for Bible Study.
  • Where do they meet?
    Sunday Nights: If you are coming from 5pm mass to dinner, meet in the parish hall at 6pm. We begin meeting at 6:30pm in the CYO room. The last door on the left before you get to the parish hall.
    Wednesday nights we meet in the CYO room: No dinner is served, you are welcome to bring something with you. Light snacks and sodas are available.
  • What is the cost?
    The cost is $75 for one child and $100 for multiple children. This includes Sunday meals on meeting nights for the year. Checks can be made out to St. Michael’s CYO and turned into me or to the Parish Office.
  • Where do they park if they are driving?
    On Sunday nights at the east (back) entrance parking lot. Wednesday nights, anywhere you choose.
  • Where do we pick them up?
    On Sundays, due to 8pm mass, pick up is at the east(back) entrance.
  • Can they bring a friend?
    Certainly, we are happy to have them anytime.

For more information contact: Michelle Schultz (334) 559-8277 or cyoauburn@gmail.com.

JCYO - Grades 7-8

What does JCYO do?

The JCYO program is designed to give students a foundation of Catholic friends to walk in faith with. The hope is to continue to build on those healthy, holy friendships throughout middle school and high school.

  • Topic nights will be on establishing good prayer habits through different forms of prayer as well as “issue nights” on topics of morality such as, gossip, healthy male, female friendships and other issues that effect middle school teens.
  • Periodic service projects deepen teens understanding of social justice.
  • Social events continue to build community within their group.


  • What grades does JCYO include?
    7th - 8th grades
  • When do they meet?
    Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30.
  • Where do they meet?
    In the Junior High meeting room directly behind the CYO room. The last door on the left before you get to the parish hall.
  • What is the cost?
    There is no cost, from time to time you will be asked to volunteer to send a snack.
  • Is dinner provided?
    Dinner is not provided. Please eat before or bring something quick to eat.
  • Where do we pick them up?
    The front entrance.
  • Can they bring a friend?
    Certainly, we are happy to have them anytime.

For more information contact: Shannon Brunson at (334) 322-7295 or jcyoauburn@gmail.com.


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Michelle Schultz

Director of Youth Ministries


My name is Michelle Schultz, I am the Youth Ministries Coordinator for Saint Michael's. My particular focus is high school ministry. Matt my husband, and I converted to the Catholic faith 23 years ago. We have six children, Hanson, Joseph, Grissom, Jacob, Caroline and Justin. There is a nine year gap between the first three kids and the second, we call the them the big three and the little three. Soon after coming into the church our sponsors encouraged us to get involved in the church. Little did I know when I said yes to being the youth ministries coordinator a few years down the road, I would still be serving the parish thirteen years later. I could never express the gratitude I have for the many gifts and blessings.

Our program is unique when compared to most youth ministry programs, in that AU Catholic students make up much of our ministry team. Being close to the ages of our teens allows many opportunities for them to be able to meet them where they are in their triumphs and trials​. Their youthfulness and zeal for the faith make the perfect combination to light a fire in the hearts of our youth. Challenging and often mentoring them to come to know, love and serve Our Lord through the great gift of the church.

Contact Information: Michelle Schultz (334) 559-8277 or cyoauburn@gmail.com.

Shannon Brunson

Junior CYO Coordinator


My name is Shannon Brunson and I am the Middle School Youth Coordinator for St Michael's Church in Auburn, AL. I am married to Chuck Brunson and we have 5 amazing kids; Nathan, Will, Brian, Mary Katherine and Joseph and as you can see getting a good picture of everyone is impossible.

I am beginning my 10th year of Middle School Youth Ministry and have loved every minute of working with this quirky, awesome age group. Before I raised my hand (which you should never do because God will take complete advantage of it as well as the priest) to do Middle School Ministry, I was involved with a Mom's Catholic Ministry for 9 years over 2 different states and locations. God is amazing when we let him work in our lives.

Middle School is such a special time in a child's life and it is so important for them to have peers and adults who can guide them and love them even when the don't feel loveable. This is also the time when their faith changes from my parent's faith to my faith and have so many questions and concerns of how to embrace this new part of their lives.

Contact Information: Shannon Brunson at (334) 322-7295 or jcyoauburn@gmail.com.